Wednesday, March 11, 2015

reddit + adult easy cash

By YouLion

Okay so first off we’re going to promote a pay per free adult cam site. They give you $3.00 per FREE signup and all the person has to do is confirm their e-mail no credit card bullshit. It converts pretty dang good if you can bring it traffic which is why I made this to help some of you out.
First off the site we are promoting is called Live Free Cams it’s part of crakrevenue’s offers. For those of you who don’t know about crakrevenue it’s an adult affiliate website.
Signup: crackrevenue registration
They usually approve new account fairly quick when you sign up just tell me you’re promoting through social media sites, etc. You don’t really need an actually website for this and they usually will allow it.
So okay finally the steps:
We are promoting the Live Free Fun PPL offer through reddit. Reddit is a social media site used by millions of unique visitors and a huge source to get traffic.
So go sign up at reddit registration
Now what we need to do is upload content to the NSFW (18+) subreddits (categories)
Personally I use an application called it’s free software to make GIFS easily.

  1. Go to porn tube sites or find free quality porn online and run gifcam over the video and make a bunch of porn GIFS. It’s important that they aren’t any bigger then 5mb.

This is just for the GIFS you do not need to just use gifs you can find porn pictures all over the internet that fit the niches of the subreddits (categories) that you will be uploading your content to. For a list of NSFW (18+) subreddits (categories) check out this site: then find relevant porn for the subreddits you’re going to be uploading to. I like the porn GIF ones I have images from those subreddits with over 100K views. But experiment with all sorts of the bigger subreddits and you’ll get upvotes and views to your images pretty basic.
  1. Go to and create an account. Upload your content you’ve found or made if you’re using the GIF method.
  1. Edit the photos details and put your referral link in the image description saying something like “free sex cam site *your link* and give the image a title and you’re ready to go.

The problem with this you don’t want to use a long affiliate link you need something simple if you have a few dollars get a .com domain and make it relevant something like would be great and have it redirect to your affiliate link. If you have no money and no way of getting a domain you can try using .TK a free domain extension and have that redirect to your link it probably won’t convert as well but it will still work. registration link
Alternatively just use a URL shortener such as
  1. Never upload the images to reddit with the direct link if you do they won’t see your description with your affiliate link. So always use the link that sends them to the comments and full imgur page of the image.
  1. Now upload the shit out of images to all the subreddits listed on the site I mentioned above and watch as the views of your images increase every hour. You will get traffic to your affiliate link and you will have people signing up.

I hope someone finds this method helpful.

make easy money on Tumblr (perfect for newbies)

By LordSenf

here is an easy method to make some good money on Tumblr, it's easy to do and perfect if you are new to IM - all you need to do is act and work a couple minutes hours, so first things things first TAKE ACTION!
Step 1
Select a niche - I recommend choosing adult niche something like sexy girls/big boobs etc. be creative, then head over to and create a account, pic a good blog name which is related to your nice like "sexy-selfshots" etc.
Now verify your email address in order to change the template of your blog at the settings page of Tumblr, try to pick a unique good looking theme and don't forget to to mark your blog as "not safe for work (nsfw)" or your account maybe gets banned. Don't forget to upload a avatar image which draws some attention like a nice ass or something like that

Step 2

Head over to Google Image search and search for good quality images related to your niche and save at least 300 jpg images in a folder - yes this takes some time but no work no success and come on how hard is it to download some images
Step 3
Download the Tumblr queue bot which I created - at this thread and selected your folder with the 300 images and set the clickthru for the images to your Tumblr blog url, add related tags to your nice, good tags that always work are



and upload 300 images to your Tumblr posting queue - next after the bot is finished go to your queue on Tumblr and set the posting limit to something between 30-50 - now your Tumblr blog is running on autopilot at least for 6 days.

Step 4

For monetization visit Plugrush (reff-link) / Plugrush (non-reff link) - they offer very good blending gallery ads and a traffic exchange program (which brings good amounts of traffic, only con of Plugrush for payout you need to upload a image of a valid image ID or driver licence) and sign up for an account and generate some ad code and put them on your Tumblr blog, to insert your adds visit settings and customize your theme and "edit html".

Important: Don't use the popunders and mobile redirect scripts offered by Plugrush or Juicyads - they are against the Tumblr TOS and might get your account banned - on some blogs I still use the popunders for extra cash and my accounts never got banned - but at your own risk! But stay away from the mobile redirect.

Here is the way to turn off mobile redirect with Plugrush when you setup an ad (called Plug):

A other good place to monetize your Tumblr blog is:

juicyads(reff-link) / juicyads (non-reff link) - they offer some good ads and good cpc - best thing they hold the earnings only seven days and offer payout via Paypal.

Step 5

Try to like and follow people related to your nice in order to gain followers much fast (more followers = more traffic), if you made your first cash (juicyads holds payments only for seven days and payout via paypal) you can buy the Tumblr Autoblog (this bot is not from me - I am not related in any kind to this bot) since the bot costs only 12 bucks and does a wonderful job in auto like and follow to gain more followers on autopilot (don't overdo the likes and follows a day or you risk your account)

Step 6

To gain more traffic to your Tumblr blogs try to "pin" your images to adult pinboards like

Code: - brings crazy traffic (just like the old pinterest) but only softcore images (babes in bikini, no porn)

Or go with reddit submits on big reddit boards in order to find subbredds with a lot of subcriber use


hint for reddit newbies: #gonewild is for user submissions of there own photos so don't use this for submissions

Step 7

Try to build more Tumblr Blogs let's say 5 blogs in different niches and keep the queue up and running, like and follow in order to build a huge follower base and make some good money. Since you only need to download new images after everything is up and running its an easy method for some good extra cash.

Step 8 (said in a following post so I added it quick)

Get a own domain at for 10$ a year and forward the dns to your tumblr blog, get a better unique Tumblr theme to stand out from the crowd and optmize it for SEO with this guide - add as description on my queue bot a spintax which describes most of your images (example if your nice is sexy selfshot try to use a spintax {hot|sexy|stunning} {babe|girl}) your will get readable URLS and better seo and some extra traffic from the google image search. Tumblr offers a RSS at "" try to submit it to adult rss directory's and a sitemape at "" at the sitemap to google webmaster tools for better indexing. Track with anayltics your blog to see which tags perform the best and referring the most traffic and use the best tags more on your posts.

Now get out and act !

Ps.:Sometimes Tumblr randomly bans your account (if you don't like or follow very aggressively it is uncommon) even if you do nothing "evil" if this happens just write the support an email what went wrong and they mostly reactivate your account.

Easy $xx / day with Social Media & Adult from BHW

By akany

I’m using the following method with Twitter, but it will probably also work with Tumblr or Facebook. You will need one or more Twitter accounts and 100-200 porn pictures (you can reuse them). I've been making between $10 to $25 per day with 12 twitter accounts and a total of 55k followers.
Here we go:
  1. Sign up for an account at Traffix3 (, this is where we will send the visitors, they pay you for each visitor that clicks the link in your twitter post. You can also try Plugrush (, they have better rates but the problem there is that they have different urls for mobile and computer users.
  2. Create a publisher zone and copy your tracking URL.
  3. Go to or any other url shortener and shorten the tracking URL. The shortened url is the one you will post in the twitter posts.
  4. Create a new Twitter account / or use your existing account if its porn related.
  5. Next you will need find a way to post new tweets to your account automatically. What you want to post is a porn image or video together with some hashtags like #porn #nsfw and your bitly url. I have a php script that uploads a new image / post once per hour via the twitter api. There are probably other ways to automate that.
  6. Now you find some popular twitter accounts in the adult niche for example @brazzers and then you do the classic follow/unfollow thing. You can also use the Twitter API to automate this step. You will need to buy a couple of phone verified accounts.
  7. Rinse and repeat

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